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Villa Romana Balaca - Roman Villa and Garden of Ruins
Visit us with your family and friends at our roman villa! We came from the sunny land of Italy to the Balaton Uplands. By now we got to know the locals and we can speak some Hungarian. We open the door of our home and farm every spring for you to learn more about us and about the romans. Everybody should come, small and big, young and elderly to tase the roman life! Our home has been furbished recently – new floors, new walls and interiors, and 3D mutimedia tour makes your visit more enjoyable.
 We can serve roman feast and games from the roman periods if you book and reconciliate in advance.
Cornelia & Cornelius

The Roman Empire at Balaton Uplands
The Balaton Uplands once was part of the Roman Empire. The Villa Romana Balaca was the home and farm of a Roman family, where rich husbandry was lead. Laying covered for many years but now is visible and visitable for anyone who is interested to know how Roman lived their everyday life.
In year 1904 peasants discovered the ruins of the Roman Villa. The archeological exploration was a success story because of the dozens of recovered buildings under the ground. The excavation is still under progress. The Roman Villa is one of the most significant relic of the Ancient Rome in Central Europe used to be 10 hectare large.
The main bulding of the lordshipcenter is completed by some outbuildings.There is a pool, economic buildings and a monumental necropolis belongs to the dwelling house. The artefacts and tools that were used in everyday life are being showed in an exhibition after restoration.
The especial italian influenced wall paintings and mosaics of the dwelling houses are being presented at their original places.
A roman herbgarden is attached to the park. In the Lapidarium one can find roman stone carvings thet were founded in Veszprém county.
The Villa Romana Balaca lies at the border of Nemesvámos and Veszprémfajsz 9 km-s away from Veszprém.
It is a great place for excursions for the whole family from Veszprém and/or for tourists making trip at Balaton.

Services in case of reconciliation
Guided tour, roman feast, roman clothing try-on, roman sport games, venue hire for events

Open in 2016:
01 May - 30 October (depends on weather and sunset, please contact us)
Tues-Fri 09 - 18
Sat, Sun 10 - 19
Monday: closed

On Saturdays - due to technical cause - in May, September and October the exhibition         

open 10 - 17

Admission Fee:

single: 800 HUF

reduced: 400 HUF

family: 1800 HUF

Contact and location
Villa Romana Balaca
8248 Nemesvámos Baláca
GPS N47.04456, E 17.88793

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